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Are strategists allowed to have creative ideas?

On the balance of probabilities not really, but that doesn’t stop it happening.

In a conversation with some strategy types on Twitter I was wondering what happens to the ideas we have that don’t make it – not because they are “off brief”…

TL;DR — 4 dirty secrets of Data-driven marketing and 3 examples showing principles about how to be data-inspired instead

Marketing is an industry built, not on science or evidence, but aphorisms.

Parroted repetition of popular ideas often leads us to a convergence in beliefs as damaging as any brand endline singularity.

Over the last few years it has been impossible to go to a meeting, conference or pitch presentation…

When is a fail not a fail?

Maybe when it’s what you are aiming for all along?

The Burger King Google Home triggering ad is not a Pepsi or United-level PR disaster. This looks deliberate: the old stunt of generating column inches (like this) talking about an ad and then…

David J Carr

Strategy Director. ex-CD, Planning Director & Head of UX @ Digitas, DIG, Publicis, Chemistry & JWT. APG Gold & Google Planning Innovator of Year.

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